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Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter

Vol. 16, No. 8

April 29, 2017

the e-mail newsletter accompanying the
Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology website at

Monthly or Weekly?  Monthly it will remain.  More than two-thirds of respondents to the survey said they preferred that I
continue to send out the Newsletter on a monthly schedule.  Thanks for all who responded.

Excellent new video resource!  Subscriber Steven Ross has created a YouTube channel in which he has organized an already
large number of video clips from TV shows, movies, ads, and other sources for many of areas of psychology.  Social
psychology is well represented.  If you select a video clip on a topic such as fear appeal, as I did, not only does that
first ad using fear appeal play, but the other fear appeal ads play right after it in succession, which is very convenient
in the classroom.  Go to Playlists to see the different categories of videos. Check out the resource and suggest additional
videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM_2SK06o4LrNTconbSUUkwThanks, Steven.  Oh, and enjoy the introductory song!

Activities and Exercises

Gender & Culture: Exploring dimensions of gender, sex, and attraction


Using the Gender Unicorn!

General:  Using pre-questions


This study found that the simple use of pre-questions before students watch a short video significantly
increased their memory for information in the video, even information unrelated to the pre-questions.

Persuasion:  A quiz on pre-suasion


See how you do.  From subscriber Robert Cialdini — lots of material for discussion in class

Prejudice: Privilege exercise


Prejudice: Confront and contest your stigma


Topic Resources

Aggression/Prejudice:  Documenting Hate



Documenting Hate is a project to create a national (U.S.) database of hate crimes and bias incidents. You can
read stories of hate crimes and bias incidents here.  The second link is to a good history of how the U.S. came
to document hate crimes.

Gender & Culture: “Representation of gender and sexuality in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast”


A brief essay on the new film

Gender & Culture: “Google accused of ‘extreme’ gender pay discrimination”


Gender & Culture: Should men have one-on-one meetings with women?


Interesting blog entry on the topic based on current events

Gender & Culture:  Preferred interpersonal space across countries


Interesting study found that Argentina, Bulgaria, and Peru appeared to prefer the closest distance while
Romania, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia preferred greater interpersonal distance.

Persuasion: “Do funny (journal) article titles garner more citations?”


Apparently not

Persuasion/Social Judgment: The science of “blue lies”


Interesting discussion of why President Trump telling lies does not turn off his supporters – it’s because he is
often telling “blue lies” according to this analysis. Blue lies are “falsehoods, told on behalf of a group, that
can actually strengthen the bonds among members of that group.”

Prejudice:  The story about Ellen DeGeneres coming out on TV 20 years ago


Most of your students were born around that time.  How is their world different?

Prejudice: “2016 was a horrible year for anti-Semitic hate crimes. 2017 is much worse.”


Prejudice: The father of “homophobia”


A brief essay about Dr. George Weinberg who coined the term “homophobia,” and who recently died

Prejudice: “The costs of racial ‘color blindness'”


Psychology in the Courtroom: “Eyewitness confidence can predict accuracy of identifications”


Social Judgment: Liberals as biased as conservatives


according to two new studies

Social Judgment: The invisibility cloak illusion


It’s always good to see Harry Potter sneak (because he’s under the cloak) into our field.  The illusion involves
us believing that we are “more observant (and less observed) than everyone else.”  We really feel that when
we’re driving.

Technology in Teaching


Conflict & Peacemaking/Prejudice:  Can we reduce conflict/prejudice if people are willing to sit down with each
other? (4:25)


That is what this Heineken beer ad asks.

Persuasion: Fear appeals


From Steven Ross’ YouTube channel as described above

Persuasion:  Buschhhhhhhhh


This old Busch beer ad introduced during the Super Bowl and its follow up ads (e.g., oversharing, last word,
indecision) capture a number of principles well such as humor, repetition, and the peripheral route.

Prejudice:  This is your brain on drug policy (1:21)


This ad discusses racial bias in drug policy

Prejudice: 25 mini-films


Brief interviews/descriptions examining race, bias, and identify with students

How Do You … ?

Ever wonder how your fellow social psych instructors handle a certain topic or issue in their courses? Then send
me your “How Do You..?” question and I will try and post it here. If I get some answers I will post them in the
following issue.

Request Line is Open!

Yes, I take requests; in fact, I encourage them. Are there particular types of resources you would like examples
of? Particular topics you are interested in? Teaching tips? Technology tips? I want to tailor this newsletter to
your needs. So, please feel free to send me your requests, suggestions, comments and resources. Send them
directly to me (jfmueller@noctrl.edu) or by replying to this message.

The Teaching Social Psychology Newsletter is published monthly (hopefully) by

Jon Mueller
Professor of Psychology
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Copyright, Jon Mueller 2001-2017.

You are welcome to share part or all of this newsletter with anyone you like for non-commercial purposes. Please pass it
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Preview YouTube video Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld

Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld

Preview YouTube video Fear Appeals – ‘Wear a Seatbelt’

Fear Appeals – ‘Wear a Seatbelt’

Preview YouTube video “BUSCHHHHH” Super Bowl Commercial

“BUSCHHHHH” Super Bowl Commercial

Preview YouTube video Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

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